Get insights to hook your target audience

Retrieve insights of user personas and discussed topics to deliver the exact solution they want

What FindTheQuestion is about

Analyze data to understand user intent

Modern search engines improve their algorithms to understand what people look for. The primary reason “why” is users’ satisfaction. It is crucial to understand what search intent hides behind the query to get an idea on how users interact with the organic search results.


Is it possible to see all the questions people have about a specific topic? Absolutely yes. We’re collecting the best of them to create the most informative source for your needs.


Without efficient data analysis, long-tail keywords research is not useful. That’s why FindTheQuestion, added essential metrics to the results. Search volume and impressions are available for you for each result.

Multilanguage access

Conduct questions research in any popular language

Wide keywords set

Pick a suitable variation of the keywords. Questions, Comparisons, Prepositions are available for you

Instant data delivery

Keywords lists retrieval takes up to a few seconds

Clear interface

No distraction, just you and results of the research

24/7 online support

Fast answers to your questions

Discover how people think

Know the questions people want to ask to provide correct answers

Research the ways to uncover intentions of internet users

In the world where millions of searches are conducted per second, it is crucial to understand how internet users think when they form the query. We are ready to disclose their secret intentions and to deliver the answer.

  • Questions: get a list of keyword related questions to “hear“ user’s thoughts
  • Comparisons: provide a keyword and find out its query mates
  • Prepositions: more ideas for potential audience outreach with more keywords is an easy task for this option

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